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  • (+92) 311-2221-141
  • office@pgmpk.com


“Women Ministry”

God is wonderful working through our P.G.M women ministry and using us from teaching His word. We arrange women meetings & conferences and teaching seminars. Through these evangelistic & biblical educational programs women are coming to Jesus Christ. Our teaching setups helping them become more effective for the church and for their families.



“Youth Ministry”


Our Vision for the Youth Ministry is to promote Christian Fellowship, spread the Gospel, to support and to encourage Christian values among young people around the world. The youth in Pakistan are under privileged with poverty and unemployment. We try to reach the youth with the Gospel and follow-up work is done by conducting “Youth meetings” and “Youth camps”. Our country’s youth need Christ and the real meaning of life; this is accomplished by the scriptures and much prayer.



“Children Ministry”


Pakistan Gospel Ministries Int P.G.M.I provides impoverished children with physical necessities, emotional support, education, and a strong spiritual foundation to prepare them for a successful and happy future. Children are very important to God. Jesus included the children in his ministry by spending time with them teaching and blessing them.



“Outreach Ministry”

God’s love has no boundaries such as race, education, gender or age; he sent His only begotten Son Jesus to this world to save all (John 3:16). (Matthew 28:19) Pakistan Gospel Ministries Int P.G.M.I honors the diversity of humanity and is working to organize church revival crusades, seminars, and Bible study classes worldwide. We seek to build church outreach centers in remote places, and we are willing to go into the hedges and highways that are neglected and forgotten.


Jesus is King of Kings!