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Brick Kiln School Missions

We visited many brick maker locations and met many Christians who work under Non Christians. They work hard all day long, and sometimes the owner does not pay them. This is way PGM started the Brickyard school mission five years ago to help them. We provide basic education to the children and provide them with school supplies. Every Friday we hold a prayer meeting with the parents and help them with needed money as we can. The parents work very hard all day long and earn just $2.60 per day. These laborers must produce 1,000 bricks. “Being a Christian is not an easy way to go. It is a hard, challenging life. Sometimes the owner is not giving us full wages. But Jesus is keeping us in His safe hands. Jesus told the downtrodden to come and He will give them rest.”

The backbreaking work of a brick-maker is one of the few jobs that a Christian in Pakistan is permitted to do. It is a dawn to dusk job that often turns into a form of servitude because of the money “owed” to the owners. To meet their quota of bricks, a family is often forced to have their entire family working.

We also give them The Word of God and tell them at the time of distribution that they are receiving help from Lord Jesus Christ and only HE is provider and helper of the world.

We pray that we can help more and more Brick makes and build many schools for children and we request you join us to continue helping them every month.