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Freedom Project for Slaves in Pakistan


Many families are in debt bondage for generations. Once a loan is established they can’t pay it off because they make too little. $3 to $5 per day will never pay off the loan. Loans can range from $300 US to $3,500 per family.

If the father dies, police are instructed by the brickyard owners to find the son to takeover. Loans are generated from medical and hospital bills, dowries and for food.

Loans can only be paid in full.

The two are accused of theft and robbery by the girl’s employers, a Muslim family that employed her as a maid. She earned US$ 40 a month for 18 hours of work a day. For Shahid Anwar, diocesan coordinator for Justice and Peace, false charges are levelled at minority people who stand up to slavery. Read the story Click the link Read More