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We need Bibles

Welcome to Pakistan Gospel Ministries Website!

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Rejoice with us! Many hearts and lives are opening to our Lord and His love! They are craving the milk of His Word! They are very poor and in great need.

Please help us get them the milk of His Word so they can grow up tall and strong in Him and His Truth! Please help us enable them to spend time learning and growing through His Holy Word each and every day! Imagine if you did not have a Bible of your own to read and grow by every day.....They do not....and they are begging for their so needed spiritual food to learn and grow by.....When you help His people, you are helping our Lord Himself....What you do for His people, you are doing for our Lord Himself. His Holy Word tells us so (Matthew 26: 32-46) "

'When you did it to these My brothers, you were doing it to Me!' "... " 'When you refused to help the least of these My brothers, you were refusing to help Me.' "...Please....help.....their spiritual growth depends upon you...you have the ability to change lives! Forever! Eternally! For the honor and glory of God!....please...help!

Donate 1 Urdu Holy Bible     $7
Donate 5 Urdu Holy Bibles   $35
Donate 14 Urdu Holy Bibles $100


Online Donate Here for Bibles,